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This guide of Cuba contributes you some important recommendations when carrying out a trip to the biggest in the Antilles. It contains sections on documentation, maps and kilometric distances, climatology and gear, ways of transport, purchases, currency and credit cards, pictures, travel agencies, it guides to visit Havana and the counties, gastronomy, they summarize historical, help humanitarian you can take or how to send it, connect (official and personal pages, media, diving areas and records of basic data). For our boost common language, I have dedicated a special section to the Castilian in the section of connections. The page is made starting from my experiences in the more than half dozen of trips carried out between 1996 and 2002. Also, I have had my wife's collaboration, natural of an oriental Cuban county. For those that look for critical of political-social type or have more than enough " jineteras " -prostitute- (word recently included in the Dictionary of the Real Academy of the Language, to see www.rae.es), etc., I save them their time of connection and I recommend them that they look for in another place of the Net. 
Take it as a starting point, I will go her improving and enlarging with the contributions of all those that want to collaborate with me. Thanks to the unpayable work of an Italian " internet user ", the page goes improving and she working in the translation to its language is continually. I have also had Eduardo's help Negrín that has contributed me data of interest, facilitated maps and carried out consultations in the face of the Cuban authorities on the steps of some necessary documentation to travel. I thank the collaboration lent by the cuban Sandra Lara with their articles it also has more than enough Sincretismo and Mythology.
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If you find some broken connection, any error, don't doubt to communicate it, the information will be this way more upgraded for anyone of you that uses it in its trip. Thank you ahead of time. 

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